Loyalty Bonuses

Any online casino wants to have regular and loyal players that stay with their casino and come back to play some more and ideally play exclusively only at that casino. To make sure that this is happening the casinos have created a special type of bonuses that are called loyalty bonuses. These are a special type of reward that are now widespread and can be found at any online casino site out there.

The concept behind the loyalty bonuses is quite simple. Every time you play a real money online casino game you get to earn a fixed amount of comp points based on the size of the bets that you are making. The more you play the more points you manage to earn. These points can be transformed later on into real cash. These bonuses are also known as loyalty programs or VIP programs.

In order to keep players interested in the games some will not limit themselves to only one fixed exchange rate between the points and the cash you receive with the help of this promotion. This way they came up with loyalty levels. Based on the total number of points that you acquire during the previous month or quarter you will move up to higher level within the loyalty program. That will mean improved rewards for you and that means more money in your pocket.

The cash bonuses that you receive from your loyalty points will not have any hidden terms and you can fully enjoy the cash received as cash money and use it to play some more casino games or you could simply decide to cash it out. Most online casinos will sign you up for the loyalty program automatically when you open up a real money account and engage yourself in placing real money bets on the games available. However there are a few online casinos that will make you a member of their VIP club only after you meet certain requirements.

The comp points from the loyalty bonuses can be transformed at the vast majority of online casinos out there into cash but some will allow you to use them for various other benefits. These can include prize draws, tournament tickets or special merchandise. This is always ideal as it gives you more of a range of benefits that can be enjoyed versus a limited amount of benefits. As a newbie you might think that it’s harder to get some real benefits out of the loyalty bonuses, but this is not true. You will start earning these bonuses from day one and the majority of these programs work the same for both the small stakes players as it does for the high rollers.

Along with the tons of other bonuses that are available at an online casino you will most likely going to have a very rewarding experience. If you apply the proper strategies for the games that you intend to play in the end you have some pretty good chances of ending up with a good profit.